Graphic Design Services

Ever Evolving!

Technology changes so fast that companies often find it hard to stay ahead of the competition. But here at Laipply’s Printing & Marketing Solutions, Inc. we hang our hats on keeping up with technology in equipment, computers, and software. From our first computer system in the early 1980’s to our state-of-the-art systems today, we take pride in our technological evolution. Staying current is a necessity, and we owe it to our customers to remain on top of the latest technology so they can always depend on our ability to process their important projects.

We are now proud to offer QR codes: quick response embedded barcodes printed directly onto your piece. This unique feature is smaller than a dime and when scanned by any IPhone or other reader, it will instantly direct customers straight to your website or even your interactive media sites. Never let anyone mistake your product or service for someone else’s. It is the hottest technology in marketing and we’ve got it! Ask us about it today.

Virtual Font Counter

The days of leaving the office to deliver a disk to the print shop or to review a proof of a design are no more, thanks to the evolution of the internet for electronic file transfer. We can accept files via our state-of-the-art Online Ordering System or through E-Mail. Quote requests can be submitted through a form on our website; proofs can be E-Mailed directly to the customer and approvals or changes can be made via E-Mail.

Customers from all over the United States have placed orders, approved projects, and had the finished products shipped directly to their doorsteps without ever having to set foot in our facility thanks to our virtual front counter. However, we still enjoy working with our customers one on one!

Try and Stump Us

We love to design for our customers, but if a project requires a more personal touch, we’re always happy to give technical assistance if needed. Anyone is welcome to call with questions or problems regarding the design and submission process. Our knowledgeable staff of Graphic Designers will be glad to talk you through the process and create a unique and beautiful piece specifically for you.